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The Winter Diaries:

As part of our mission to reduce stigma around mental health, we started the 'winter diaries' posting on this page our favourite community member submissions.


Please send yours to us by email for a chance to be featured on our website, anonymously or otherwise. 🙂

The Winter Diaries Submission 1:

Winter is a strange time for me. I have a love/hate relationship with it. On one hand, the winter is dark and cold, on the other hand, the world is more peaceful, and the city streets glimmer as light reflects off the snow.

If I had one piece of advice to tell my younger self to make the winters more enjoyable, it would be to go outside more. Going outside makes all the difference.

Skiing is great. As I go, I will get a chance to leave the busy city, create great memories with friends, and get that rush only skiing provides as I zip by the snow-covered trees and carve down the smooth snow-white pistes. The days I spend skiing will be days spent away from the screen. Those days will be spent with my friends, the daring ones, side by side, racing down the steepest slopes.

Long walks in the winter are awesome. As I go on these walks late at night, I will begin to really appreciate the winter. My walks will be quiet, the fresh snow will absorb all the sound. But with this, I will begin to really appreciate everything that surrounds me. Most nights, I will walk alone, but that’s alright; these walks will give me time to clear my head and pay attention to the amazing, snow-covered world that surrounds.

Kian M

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