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our lamp

with unique technological features, our lamp was made to change your winters


one lamp, many features


Therapy Mode

Using our Brighten Lamp will trigger your brain to release serotonin and regulates melatonin levels


Regular Mode

Use the Brighten lamp throughout the day with adjustable light brightness levels


Smart connect

Pairing your phone has never been easier, tap to connect to your smart lamp


Preset your lamp

We will Turn It On So You Do not Have to Remember

We Are Different

Feel Stronger

Getting the appropriate amount of light makes one operate throughout the day feeling energetic

Easy to set up

Simply connect your lamp to your phone via bluetooth and control your lamp by pushing a few buttons

Wake up feeling great


Another feature we can add is how this lamp can help you pull girls with unspoken rizz

Experience that Brighten winter

You will be gliding through the day so effortlessly, enjoying every second of it

Get the required nutrients

Attaining the correct amount of light exposure completely changes your mood and energy levels

Be better

Your positive energy will radiate to others around you

all it does is everything, just for you

Track your mental health goals in one place


View your progression in the form of simple charts

Report your mood and energy levels daily


We will calculate how much extra light you need and light you up for your session

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