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About us.

We are Brighten Health Inc. and we are using technology to improve mental healthcare for all.

We are a proudly Canadian startup, moving quickly, tackling what we believe to be the biggest human problem - mental health. We also believe that data will play a major role in future mental health care due to the direct link between physical markers and mental health.


We are bringing this vision to reality by creating the first platform for tackling winter depression, to create personalized help for mental healthcare. We believe that everyone should be able to look forward to the winter and we are working hard to make that possible.

our mission.

To improve the winter for millions of people around the world.

our vision.

To develop better solutions for mental healthcare through new technological applications.

our promise.

To build highly advanced products that deliver on our mission, values and expectations.

meet the team.

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Neel Faucher

Co-Founder & CEO

Strategy, operations and product development


Nathan Leuranguer

Co-Founder & CPO

Hardware design, app development and manufacturing

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Kieyan Mamiche Afara

Co-Founder & CTO

Full stack development and machine learning

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Rami Hijer

Marketing Director

Marketing, UI/UX design and customer experience

Our Story.

it started with wanting to make an impact in the mental health space.

Personally knowing many people affected by SAD, our co-founders wanted to build a solution better than those currently on the market. After some initial support from McGill University, we moved quickly in collaboration with clinical psychiatrists and psychologists to build the first platform for managing winter mental health.

One in two Canadians have been affected by SAD to some degree and more than 130M people around the world. Hence, we saw this as an opportunity to introduce new technology to an industry that has not seen much innovation, and support this underserved segment of the population.

We're just getting started though. We will stop at nothing to continue delivering on our mission, vision, and promise.


Our supporters

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