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The most advanced therapy lamp.

Improve your productivity, sleep, and mental health.

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Improve Mental Health

The Brighten lamp stimulates the synthesis of serotonin, helping uplift mood levels.

Improve Sleep

Ground your circadian rhythms using Brighten to wake up on time and fully rested.

Improve Productivity

Exposure to the Brighten lamp helps regulate melatonin production throughout the day, increasing alertness and cognitive performance.

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One lamp, many features


Therapy Mode

10,000 Lux bright light. 20X brighter than table lamps.


Regular Mode

Adjustable light brightness levels for night time use.


Smart connect

Tap to connect your app to the Brighten lamp.


Preset your lamp

Turn on therapy mode at preset times to get into a routine.

Your personal mental-health tracker.

Designed with psychiatrists to improve your mental health.

Bright Light Exposure

The first in-app light tracking algorithm

Brighten's powerful geolocation light-tracking algorithm recommends light therapy session times based on the weather and your outdoor light exposure.

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Stay on track

Sleep, Exercise, and Light

Three daily scores for the clinically proven causes of seasonal depression. As a Brighten member, your experience is personalized to the goals you set and routines you choose.

Understand your trends

Tune in to what your body is telling you

Log your mood and energy, we'll take care of the rest. Understand the link between your physical and mental health to find what works for you.

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Built to last: 1-year warranty and 3-month full refund guaranteed.

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How it works.



Download the Brighten app.



Set wellness goals for yourself.

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Smart Connect

Tap to connect your phone to our therapy lamp.

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All Set

Track progress and improve your mental health.


What our testers are saying.

Naya A.


Highly recommend this product

It’s efficiency, motif, and design all in all are excellent
for anyone really, especially if you struggle with low moods during winter! great addition to the home and wellness plan i also love that it includes statistics not only about mental well-being but physical well-being too!

Feeling the winter blues?

Winter blues and stronger forms of seasonal depression occur due to less sunlight and shortened daylight hours in the winter.


Our mission is to help improve your winters by building the most advanced platform for winter mental-health. We believe that you deserve better.

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