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the future of self-care for winter blues is here.

gain peace of mind during the harsh winter months with a better way of tracking your wellbeing.

Naya A.


Highly recommend this product

It’s efficiency, motif, and design all in all are excellent
for anyone really, especially if you struggle with low moods during winter! great addition to the home and wellness plan i also love that it includes statistics not only about mental well-being but physical well-being too!

how it works.



Download the Brighten app.



Set wellness goals for yourself.

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Smart Connect

Tap to connect your phone to our therapy lamp.

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Improve your mental wellness with personalized analytics,

the right way to do light therapy.

Wake up feeling great

Light therapy helps ground your circadian rhythms, helping you wake up on time and fully rested.

Zero setup, zero fuss

Simply tap your phone to connect and start using your Brighten lamp out of the box

Never miss a session

Set reminders to use your lamp on the Brighten app, or let us automatically turn it on for you at preset times.

Stay on top of your wellbeing

Bright light therapy is proven to balance the feel-good hormone serotonin, helping regulate mood and overall feelings of wellbeing

Convenient and easy to use

Set up your Brighten lamp anywhere, any time - on your desk, at the office, or anywhere it fits into your morning routine.

Get better sleep

By regulating melatonin production early in the day, light therapy helps you keep a consistent habit of falling asleep early at night.

your personal observation tech.

Stay on track

Personalized daily goals and reminders

Brighten tracks the three clinically proven causes of winter blues - light exposure, sleep, and physical activity to help generate daily goals based on your needs.

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Bright Light Exposure

The first in-app light tracking algorithm

Brighten's powerful geolocation light-tracking algorithm recommends light therapy session times based on outside weather and your exposure to bright light outdoors.

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Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 16.33.33.png

Understand your trends

Data visualization for mental health 

Log your mood and energy levels and we'll take care of the rest. Understand the link between your physical and mental health and find what works for you.

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feeling the winter blues?

Winter blues and stronger forms of seasonal depression arise largely due to less sunlight exposure because of shortened daylight hours in the winter season.


Our mission is to help you engage in more of what works for you, and help you achieve your wellbeing goals.

one lamp, many features


Therapy Mode

Using our Brighten Lamp will trigger your brain to release serotonin and regulates melatonin levels


Regular Mode

Use the Brighten lamp throughout the day with adjustable light brightness levels


Smart connect

Pairing your phone has never been easier, tap to connect to your smart lamp


Preset your lamp

Let the Brighten app turn on your lamp at preset times, so you don’t have to remember

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"Brighten is the first to leverage the power of software to improve winter wellness." 

  • How can I learn more about seasonal depression?
    Check out our Seasonal Affective Disorder page here.
  • How do I set up my app?
    Follow the directions here.
  • What are the benefits of using the lamp?
    There are countless benefits of using a light therapy lamp. Click here to learn more.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Orders should be delivered between 3-5 business days.
  • What do I need to use the lamp?
    You will need 3 things: - Wifi - an electrical outlet - a mobile device with bluetooth.

got questions? we are here to help.

get your lamp today.

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